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Osprey Campaign Series

OspreyC14 - Culloden 1746 by Peter Harrington - The best volume I've found on the history of 'The 45' - the final Jacobite Rebellion. Well illustrated, both with period woodcuts and modern paintings (taken from The Jacobite Rebellions) and detailed maps of the action.

OspreyC34 - Poltava 1709 by Angus Konstam - At Poltava, Tsar Peter the Great's army crushed the Swedish army of Charles XII, ending more than 50 years of Swedish military supremacy in northern Europe. Illustrations taken from the two volume set, Peter the Great's Army.

OspreyC43 - Fornovo 1495 by Peter Harrington - French king Charles VIII’s campaign to seize southern Italy came to a head at the battle of Fornovo. The campaign marked the coming of age of gunpowder and the beginning the 30 years of bloody conflict - the Italian Wars.

OspreyC44 - Pavia 1525 by Angus Konstam - Pavia was the most decisive battle of the Italian Wars (1494-1529) and is considered by historians to be the first modern battle in history. The French were smashed by the Imperial army, and King Francis I was captured. This brought about the military eclipse of France and the Swiss, and the century-long ascendancy of the Spanish, as well as the demise of the traditionally armed man-at-arms and the rise of hand held firearms.

OspreyC50 - Malta 1565 by - The epic siege of the Knight Hospitaller by the Turkish army of Suliman. A fine side source on the musket and pike era.

OspreyC68 - Lutzen 1632 by Richard Brzezinski - This book examins the events leading up to the battle and follows the progress of the battle itself.

Osprey C82 - Edgehill 1642 by Keith Roberts, illustrated by John Tincey - When the Royalist met the Parliamentarians in this battle, the popular supposition was that their differences could be resolved in a single battle could not have been further from the truth. This battle set the scene for a prolonged and blood civil war.

Osprey C86 - Armada Campaign 1588 by Mortal Crescent, illustrated by Angus Konstam - This book explores some of the questions of the Elizabethan era - why did the Armada fail? Were the British really a superior force? and what would have happened had the Spanish won?

Osprey C114 - Lepanto 1571 by Angus Konstam, illustrated by Tony Bryan - The last great galley fight of all time, the five-hour battle of Lepanto decided the fate of the 16th century Mediterranean basin. For many years, Muslim and Christian naval forces have been battling for control of the Mediterranean. In August 1571, 235 Ottoman galleys encountered the Christian fleet that would defeat them once and for all.

Osprey C116 - First Newbury 1643 by Keith Roberts, illustrated by Graham Turner - The battle of Newbury saw the balance of power during the English Civil War shift irretrievably. By August 1643 the king's army had taken Bath, and had defeated Parliament at Adwalton Moor and Rowndway Down - the road to London seemed clear. This book reveals how and why the king's fortunes failed at Newbury.

Osprey C117 - Stirling Bridge and Falkirk 1297-98 by Pete Armstrong, illustrated by Angus McBridge - Following the death of King Alexander III of Scotland and his only direct descendant, Margaret, Scottish succession was thrown into crisis. This book traces the course of the battles that followed as King Edward I of England sought ot bring a vulnerable Scotland back under British rule.

Osprey C119 - Marston Moor 1644 by Tincey, illustrated by Graham Turner - The entry into the English Civil War of the Scots on the side of the Parliament radically changed the balance of pwoer in the North of England. The royalists were forced onto the defensive. After a desperately hard-fough battle outside York, the Royalist army broke. THe loss of the North ahd decisively tilted the balance of military power in favour of the Parliament.

Osprey C120 - Towton 1471 by Christopher Gravett, illustrated by Graham Turner - Towton was the battle that marked the resurgence of the Yorkist cause, and established Edward IV as King of England. The battle began early on 29 March 1461 and raged all day - this book traces the course of one of the most significant battles of hte War of the Roses.

Osprey C122 - Tannenberg 1410 by Stephen Turnbull, illustrated by Richard Hook - Defeat at Tannenberg marked the beginning of the end for the Teutonic Knights. In 1410, the Order's Polish, Lithuanian Russian, Tartar and Cossack enemies joined forces to invade Teutonic territory - this book describes the clash at Tannenberg at the light of its lasting effects.

Osprey C123 - Auldearn 1645 by Stuart Reid, illustrated by Gerry Embleton - The culmination of the Marquis of Montrose's campaigns in Scotland, Auldearn was the Royalist victory that placed Montrose in momentary control of the country. Here, the background to Montrose's actions is explored, and the course of the battle is traced.

Osprey C154 - Dunbar 1645 by Stuart Reid, illustrated by Graham Turner - The battle of Dunbar was the greatest victory of Oliver Cromwell's career. With one masterful cavalry charge he took control of the battlefield, scattering his Scottish enemies an clearing the path to Edinburgh. This book examines the events that lead up to the battle, and assesses its significance within the English Civil War.



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