Books on 16/17th Cent. English Culture


Stuart101 -17th Century Wedding Customs. Denise Taylor. All issues involving weddings and their customs in both the 16th &17th Centurys. 40p $12.00

Stuart102 -The Shaking of the Sheets: Death 1350-1660. Jane Huggett. The attitudes, artefacts and rituals associated with death. Jane Huggett. 36p $10.00

Stuart103 -Fairs in England 1580-1680: Alison Roddham The nature of fairs and a list of fairs in 1587. 32p $10.00

Stuart104 -Festivals and Feasts of the Common Man 1550-1660: Stuart Peachey. A study of the nature of the festivities and the foods prepared. May day, the 12 days of Christmas, Harvest Home, Wakes and many more. 28p - $7.50

Stuart105 -Prices and Wages 1630-1650: R. and J. Huggett and S. Peachey. Common military and civilian wages and prices in war and peace. 32p - $10.00

Stuart106 - Women on the Farm 1580-1660: Robert Morris. Good book. The role and activities of women on the farm. 40p $12.00

Stuart107 - Games 1580-1660. Turloch Mc Sween. An introduction to the common mans games both outdoor, team and sedentary. 17p $5.00

Stuart108 - Did They Wash in Those Days? Jane Huggett - Personal Hygine, cleanliness and washing in the 14th to 17th centuries. 16p $6.00

Stuart109 - Book of Children. Children and Childrearing 1480-1680 Part 1. Birth to age 7. Jane Huggett - Children and Childrearing 32p $10.00

Stuart110 - Book of Children. Part 2 age 7-14. Jane Huggett - Children and Childrearing 36p $10.00

Stuart111 - Life in Tudor and Stuart England: Stuart Peachey - Designed for Grades 2 and 3 this concentrates on the rural life of the bulk of the population and the contrast with the towns. 16p $6.00

Stuart112 - Soft Furnishings and Table Linen of the Common People 1580-1660: Robert Morris - The materials and types based mainly on probate inventory analysis. 32p $10.00

Stuart113 - Witchcraft in Seventeenth Century England: Dr. John Swain - 20p $7.00

Stuart114 - Measure and Dates 1580 - 1660: Stuart Peachy - A quick guide with modern equivalents for reenactors. Includes a full calendar for the period. 36p $10.00

Stuart115 - Singlewomen 1580-1660: Stuart Peachy - The lives of Spinsters, Singlewomen, Maidservants and Maidens [excludes widows]. 16p $6.00

These are other titles that I have ordered in that are not part of the regular line of books. Please email for availability of these titles:

  • Justice of the Peace 1534 Facsimile of a book on everyday law originally for Justices of the Peace but useful for the observers of the law as well as the enforcers. 40p. $12.00
  • Courts Leet and Baron: Bootleg Press. A facsimile of a 1650 guide to running minor local law hearings. Ideal for Living History scenarios. 31p. $10.00
  • Tudor Women's Legal Rights. Aimee Flower. Women, Marriag eand the Law. 44p. $12.00
  • Writing the Past Jonathan Davies. A guide to methods, materials and hands 1300-1660 $10.00
  • A Short History of Codes and Cyphers. Jonathan Davies. 12p. $5
  • Encounter With Angels. Sarah Griffin. Life of John Pordage a radical devine 1607-1681. 24p. $8.00
  • The Money Monger. Bootleg Press. A facsimile of the Usurers Guide to interest rate tables. 1626. 24p. $8
  • The Gods Have Spots. David Appleby. The rather dubious personal lives and business practices of famous period painters. 32p. $10.00
  • Robert Dover and the Cotswold Olimpic Games. Dr. Francis Burns.A description and early history of the Cotswold Olympics established in 1612.20p $7
  • The King and the Poor Northern Man A facsimilie 1633 Chapbook with transcription. $10.00
  • Domestic Pewter of 17th Century England. Aidan Campbell 53p. $14.00
  • Pocket Sundials in the 17th Century. Roger Emmerson 28 p. $8.00
  • Beds and Bedding 1580-1660. Robert Morris. The materials and types based mainly on probate inventory analysis. 28p. $8
  • Field Boundaries and Gates 1580-1660 Rob Stuart. Fencing, dead and live hedging, walling in stone, brick and mud as well as gates, stiles and hatches. 20p. $7.00
  • Wagons, Carts and Pack Animals Rob Stuart. Farm and military vehicles and pack animals. 20p $6
  • Agricultural Hand Tools 1580-1660 Rob Stuart. 40p. $12.00
  • Pigs, Goats and Poultry 1580-1660 Rob Stuart. 24p. $8.00
  • Cattle Farming and Pature Management 1580-1660 Rob Stuart. Dairy and Beef farming. 52p. $12.00
  • The Husbandman 1580-1660 Stuart Peachey. The lifestyle of the small farmer. 36p. $10.00
  • The Labourer 1580-1660 Stuart Peachey. The lifestyle of the agricultural labourer 33p. $10.00
  • The Hovel 1580-1660. Rob Stuart. 17p $6
  • Beekeeping and Honey Production 1580-1660 Rob Stuart. $14.00
  • Horses and Oxen on the Farm 1580-1660. Rob Stuart. 12p. $12.00
  • Shepherds and Sheep 1580-1660 Rob Stuart.The life and activites of shepherds and the management of their flocks in England from 1580-1660. 40p $12.00
  • Charcoal Burning in the 17th Century: Dr. Malcomb Stratford. A practical buide covering period sources and instructions on how to go about charcoal buring today in the traditional manner. 36p. $10.00
  • John Murrell's Two Books of Cookerie and Carving 1638 (Two volumes) Edited by Stuart Peachey. Book 1 contains recipes and menus, book 2 comprises a book of recipes and of carving and serving which also includes facinating sections on the roles of main household officials and rules of precedence. Much of the latter sections appeares based on an early 16th century work. Book 1-Recipes and Menues 44p.; Book 2-Recipes and Etiquette 56p. $22.00
  • Arable Farming 1580-1660 (Two volume set) Rob Stuart. The crops and their cultivation, harvesting, storage and processing on the farm. Vol. 1-48p; Vol. 2-56p. $36
  • Orchard Management 1580-1660 Robert Morris. 36p. $10.00
  • Fruit Varieties Register 1580-1660 (Two volume set) Stuart Peachey. The register includes all period references to fruit varieties likely to have been found on the normal farms and gardesns of the period. This includes descriptions of appearance, picking times, keeping and cooking qualities etc where possible. The register also includes all original black and white illustractions of the varieties. Vol.1: Apples to Mulberries 52p; Vol. 2: Nectarines to Walnuts 60p. $28.00
  • The Medieval and Renaissance Spice Trade 1100-1560. Jonathan Davies. 28p. $8
  • The Complete Receipt Book of Ladie Elynor Fetiplace: Late Tudor/early Stuart. Never before published in full this is a 3 volume set transcription of the whole original text. About 90% of the work is household remedies from a country gentlewoman the remainder mainly culinary. $36
  • 20 Years of Living History in Britain 1977-1997: Edited by Stuart Peachey. Accounts from nay of the key organisers involved of the development of living history in Britain over its first 20 years. 28p. $8.00
  • The Building of the Green Valley. Stuart Peachey. (Book) The story of the 20 year reconstruction of an early modern historical agricultural landscape [The site for the BBC2's 12 part series Tales from the Green Valley] Heritage Marketing and Publications. $35