Effective 1 July 2000, there was a price increase in Osprey titles. 

All Osprey Elite, Fortress and Warrior series are currently $16.95

New Vanguard and Essential Histories series are $14.95

Osprey Elite

Osprey-E15 - The Armada Campaign 1588 by John Tincey, illustrated by Richard Hook - The plates alone are worth the price, as sources for garb making. This is my favorite source for new clothing to add to my personal collection.

OspreyE25 - Soldiers of the English Civil War (1): Infantry by Keith Roberts, illustrated by Angus McBride - When civil war erupted in England in 1642, it quickly involved every level of society throughout the British Isles. On one side the King and his supporters fought for traditional government in Church and State. On the other, the supporters of Parliament sought radical changes in religion and economic policy, and a greater share of power at the national level. This is the first of two volumes in the Elite series exploring the recruitment, organisation, and tactics of the soldiers of the English Civil War. This book opens with an account of the origins of the military theory used by both sides, before discussing the weapons, logistics and management of the infantry throughout the Civil War campaign.

Osprey-E27 - Soldiers of the English Civil War (2): Cavalry by John Tincey, illustrated by Angus McBride - Along with Common Soldier's Clothing these volumes are THE source for doing the period. Very well written, and as to the illustrations, they're Angus McBride. What more needs to be said?

Osprey-E28 - Medieval Siege Warfare by Christopher Gravette, illustrated by Richard and Christa Hook -Gives a very good source for medieval handgonners, including some excellent plates regarding kit.

Osprey E67 - Pirates 1660-1730 - This book gives an accurate picture of the pirates who sailed in the waters of the Caribbean and off the American coastline during the 'golden age' of piracy between 1660 and 1730. It traces the origins of piratical activity in the 16th century and examines the Boucaneer (Buccaneer) culture in Jamaica and Hispaniola. It details what drove individuals to a life of piracy, how they dressed, their weaponry, the ships they used and the codes by which they operated. Whether viewed as villains or victims the Pirates were a major threat to shipping and commerce in the western Atlantic for more than 70 years

Osprey E70 - Elizabethan Sea Dogs by Angus Knstam, illustrated by Angus McBridde - The swashbuckling English sea captains of the Elizabethan era were a particular breed of adventurer, combining maritime and military skill with a seemingly insatiable appetite for Spanish treasure. Angus Konstam describes these characters, including such well-known sea dogs as Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, John Hawkins and Martin Frobisher. For about 40 years they fought a private war with the Spanish, and while their success in defeating the Spanish Armada is well known, this book will also cover their exploits in the New World.

Osprey E74 - Privateers & Pirates 1730-1830 by Angus Konstam, illustrated by Angus McBride - This book explores the nationally sponsored piracy, privateering in its heyday during the American Revolution when the fledgling American Navy relied on the likes of John Paul Jones to disrupt the British shpping between England and her colonies.

Osprey Fortress

OspreyFOR09 - English Civil War Fortifications by Peter Harrington, illustrated by Donato and Sarah Sulemsohn Spedaliere - The techniques of warfare were transformed during the 15th and 16th centuries by the use of gunpowder and by substantial progress in the effectiveness and destrucive power of artillery. Consquently new methodes of fortification were introduced, and following the outbreak of the English Civil War most towns and castle had to be re-fortified. The main communiction routes followed the lines of the old Roman roads so control of these, and of the major cities, was important. However, the sites that saw most fortification were the two capitals, London for the Parliamentarians and Oxford for the Royalists.



Osprey Warrior

OspreyW11 - English Longbowman 1330-1515 by Clive Bartlett, illustrated by Gerry Embleton - The English military ascendancy which lasted from the mid-14th to the early 15th century was founded upon defensive tactics based on the use of the longbow. This weapon, distinctive in that it was used by English forces alone, was probably the most effective missile weapon of the Late Middle Ages: its arrow had the same penetrative ability as a modern day bullet and the bow's rate of fire was not equalled by any weapon used by English forces until the adoption of the Lee Enfield rifle at the beginning of the 20th century.

Osprey-W21 - Highland Clansman, 1689-1745 by Stuart Reid, illustrated by Angus MacBride - If you're interested in doing Highland Scots during the Jacobite Rebellion period, this is THE first reference. There's enough detail in here to get you kitted up and on the field very quickly, and the section on the Royal Eccosais taks up where the Louis XV's Army Series leaves off. Very highly recommended.

Osprey W33 - Knight Hospitaller (1) 1100-1306 - This book and its companion book provide an overview of hte life of hte "Hospitaller" knight. Campaining primarily on land during hte first phase of their existence and at sea during ther second, the Hospitallers played a significant role in the cultural, political and economic evolution of Europe.

Osprey W35 - English Medieval Knight 1400-1500 by Christopher Gravett, illustrated by Graham Turner - An examination of the dress, equipment and lifestyle as well as provides an insight into the life as seen through the eyes of a "hypotheical knight".

Osprey W40 - The Conquistador 1492-1550 - Mor astounding even thatn the legends that have grown up around it, the Conquest of the New World forms a remarkable chapter in the annals of military history. Find out about the real life experiences of the Spanish Conquistador, the citizen-solider who became the most effective killer known to Europe since the Roman legionnaire.

OspreyW41 - Knight Hospitaller (2) 1306 - 1565 by David Nicolle, illustrated by Christa Hook - This book is a complete insight into the recruitments, motivations, duties, dress and equipment of these "warrier monks".

OspreyW43 - Matchlock Musketeer 1588-1688 - This book follows the role of the matchlock musketeer in military service, from the weapon's adoption by the English in 1588 to its replacement in the late 17th century.

OspreyW44 - Ironsides - English Cavalry 1588-1688 - This book explores the evolutin of the Ironside warrior, the product and enduring symbol of a period in English history when ordinary people took plitical control into their own hands. Combining firepower with the traditional strength of the armoured cavalryman, Ironsides fough in Royalist and Parliamentarian armies, and continued to serve after the Civil War.

OspreyW49 - Landsknecht Soldier 1485-1555 - In a time when chivarly was dead and there was no such thing as a military career, what could induce a man to give up his civilian life to join the army? and what would make him stay? Contemporary European sorces combine in this study of the Landsknecht, answering these questions and more.

OspreyW58 - English Medieval Knight 1300-1400 (Christopher Gravett) - The 14th Century was a timeo f change for hte knight, both in terms of recruitment and apprearance. THis book describes knightly life from training and tournament to campaign, and explores both the role of the mercenary knight and the influence of chivalry. Photographs of surviving pieces of armour are included.

Osprey New Vanguard

Osprey-NVG058 - Medieval Siege Weapons (1) Western Europe AD 585-1385 (David Nicolle) - This is the forst of two books exploing the evolution of medieval siege warfare. From Torsion "energy storage" systems to man power and counter balances, the armies of Western Europe drew on the technological advances of the Graeco-Roman world, Persian, India and China as they developed their siege weapons.

Osprey-NVG062 - Renaissance War Galley 1470 - 1590 (Angus Konstam/Tony Bryan) - Mediterranean naval warfare during the Renaissance was dominated by the war galley. This book details the many variants of war galley developed by Christian and Muslim powers, as designs developed in respons to the demans of warfare in different regions of hte Mediterranean in the 15th-17th century.

Osprey-NVG069 - Medieval Siege Weapons (2) Byzantium, the Islamic World & India (David Nicolle/Sam Thompson) - The medieval period was probably the most inventive and varied in military history when it came to the development of non-gunpowder military machines.

Osprey-NVG070 - Pirate Ship 1660-1730 (Angus Konstam/Tony Bryan) - This book draws on the latest archaeological evidence ot creat an accurate and colourful picture of the ships that scoured the high seas during the "Golden Age of Piracy". The ships that carried history's most famous pirates are all described and illustrated.

Osprey-NVG096 - Spanish Galleon 1530-1690 (Angus Konstam/Tony Bryan) - Grand and stately, the Spanish galleon became the symbol of Spanish power during the mid-16th century. Galleons were deployed across the world as warships and treasure ships, dominating the high seas and transporting the wealth of America back to the old world. This book examines the development of Spain's new kind of sailing ship, covering design, construciton, ordnance and crewing. Life on board a galleon is also coverd, as the author examines the experiences of the men who manned these mighty ships on their missions of war and plunder.


Osprey Essential Histories

OspreyEH19 - The Hundred Years' War 1337-1457 (Anne Curry) - The Hundred Years' War is the name used by modern historians to denote the military conflicts tha wracked fourtheenth and fifteenth century England and France. This book traces the war's history, including the rise of infantry over cavalry, the incrasing deployment of gunpowder, and the effect of sustained conflict on generations of civilians..

OspreyEH29 - The Thirty Years' War 1618 - 1648 (Richard Bonney) - The book reveals the Thirty Years' War as a conflict of key importance in the development of warefare. It marked a turning point in the extent to which states would involve themselves in the large-scale military operations over religious and constitutional issues, and the atrocities and horror of war began increasingly to impinge on the popular consciousness.

OspreyEH33 - Byzantium at War AD 600-1453 (John Haldon) - This book traces the 800-year history of Byzantium. From the uncertain early years of the Empire, to the triumphal period when its wealth attracted Viking and Asian warriors to join its armies, and finally to the death of Byzantium's last emperor in 1453, the Empire's military history is laid bare.

OspreyEH54 - The War of the Roses 1455-1485 (Michael Hicks) - This book provides a new examination of the Wars of the Roses, as the author explores the course of hte Wards and the reasons behind their eventual conclusion. Sixteen invasions and six dethronements are descrived, as are the Wars' major battles and their effect on the English populace.

OspreyEH58 - The English Civil Wars 1642-1651 (Peter Gaunt) - The nine years between 1642 and 1651 were among violent in the history of mainland Britain, as England, Scotland and Wales were wracked by civil warfare. This book focuses on English and Welsh experiences of the Civil War period, covering all of the key battles and examining their causes, course and effects.


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