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Syke's Sutlering
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This intro updated August 2017:


Important Things to Note:



I appologize for any inconvience caused by lack of updates to the website. I do the best I can to update this website when the need arises.

1. A more "updated" version of my original Dutch Slop pattern that I took off the site when I started making the Baggy Breeches from the Stuart Press new clothing series book will now be available. It is very much like the old pattern where it is worn at the sternum. Please visit the clothing page for more information.

2. The hemp match is no longer available from my supplier.

3. All requests for "Custom" clothing (i.e. any regular size clothing that is not listed on my website) will be required to forward a deposit for half of the total clothing total up front before the item(s) are started.

4. Any clothing that is returned for any reason and a replacement item is not purchased will be charged a 25% restocking fee.

5. All shipping charges are non-refundable for any reason.

6. As of March 2017, I have found a new blacksmith and musket rests are now back in stock.

7. Please note that as of February2017, there has a been another change in the Stuart Press book prices. This is due to the drop in the Pound to the Dollar. Should that increase, so will the book prices.

8. If you call, please leave a message!!!!!! I understand that you would rather speak to a person when you call. If you must speak to a person when you call, please call after 7pm EST any evening (757-866-8819) and I will be happy to talk to you. However, please know that quickest way to contact me is through email at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

9. Also, this is our personal telephone line as well as the sutlery and we are located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone and would appreciate tremendously if, when you call to be conscience of the time difference when you are calling (especially those on the West Coast and Hawaii).

10. While making orders, I am trying to build up stock again. Please email or call with your inquiries to see what I have managed to get done an in stock. However, as I said I am working and I try my best to get orders done in a reasonable period. Please understand that sometimes life does get in the way of the completion dates for orders.

11. I have a new gunsmith with new and far better guns than I previously carried through my "old" gunsmith. There is no plans at the moment to put them on the website given the present back log of orders. Call to see what I may have in stock at the moment that might not be on order.

12. I am not set up to have a retail shop location. This is something that the City will not allow.

13. I am still looking for a shopping cart software to work with my website for certain items. Sorry for the inconvenience.




1. I do not have a shopping cart for any product on my webpage.

2. Please email or call (email is preferable) with the item you are looking to purchase and at the very least, a zip code to calculate shipping for your item.

3. If you are looking to purchase clothing, please email the size, color and fabric of the item.

4. I usually respond to all emails and telephone calls within 24 hours with the availability of the item.

5. If the item is in stock, the return email or telephone call will contain a breakdown of the cost of all items, shipping and payment methods.

6. If the item is not in stock, the return email or telephone call will give you an approximate date of when I am able to get the item or items done for you. When the items are done, I will call orsend you an email with the breakdown of the cost of all items, shipping and payment methods.

7. Once the item is shipped I will call or send you an email with the tracking number of your package.





Shipping: All packages will be sent USPS Priority Mail - Delivery Confirmation. If you prefer not to check with me to calculate the charges for you, shipping is 20%, but, the minimum shipping charge will be $7.00. I am not close to a Fedex or UPS facility and will not ship them that way unless absolutely necessary.

Returns and exchanges: There will be a 25% restocking charge for any clothing returned. The only exception being something exchanged for the same item in a different size. If there are signs of disassembled or otherwise worked over to find out how they're made. The designs are not copyrightable, but I have very lousy feelings for anyone who uses one of my items to copy it, and then doesn't have the courtesy to pay for the original. Also, shipping is non-refundable. If you return an item even for size, please note that you will be charged shipping on the replacement item I send you and you will be credited for returning the original item.





Terms are Cash, Check, Money Order, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or PayPal upon completion for all items unless other arrangements have been made at the time of the order. Checks and Money Orders must clear my bank before any order is shipped. For all orders out-of-country, please contact me for shipping amounts and to discuss delivery options.


Current sales tax rates I use:

Virginia residents, add 5.3%

Maryland 5%.

Internet address: I check this account a minimum of once a day, per business day, and usually reply immediately unless there is an issue and I am unable.


The email address is:


Mail address and phone:

Syke's Sutlering
P.O. Box 335
Claremont, Virginia 23899
(757) 866-8819




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