Books on 16/17th Cent. English Medical


Stuart801 - The Apothecaries Shop Opened: Hugh Petrie 20p $8.00

Stuart802 - The Still Room Opened: Hugh Petrie. Part 2 of the Apothecaries Shop. This volue covers distillation. 16p $6.00

Stuart803 - The Physician's Books Opened: Hugh Petrie. The background and practices of physicians of the period. 28p $7.00

Stuart804 - The Surgons Box Opened: Hugh Petrie. The background and practies of Surgeons. 28p $8.00

Stuart805 - Military Surgery1300-1600: Davies and Harbinson. Includes illustrations of equipment and techniques. 28p $8.00

Stuart806 - Medicine 600AD to 1500AD: Hugh Petrie. From Leach law and magic to Classical humor therapy and Christian medical beliefs. 32p $10.00

Stuart807 - The French Pox: Hugh Petrie. Concepts and cures for Syphilis and Gonerea in the 16th and 17th Century. 16p $5.00

The Complete Receipt Book of Ladie Elynor Fetiplace: Late Tudor/early Stuart. Never before published in full this is a 3 volume set transcription of the whole original text. About 90% of the work is household remedies from a country gentlewoman the remainder mainly culinary. $36

A Closet for Ladies and Gentlewomen. 1636. Banqueting preserves, waters, some meicinal etc. Bootleg Press. 72p $15