Books on 16/17th Cent. English Military


Stuart201 - Infantry Combat by Stuart Peachey - $8.00 A study of what actually happened in battles drawn from period battle accounts - and the reality was often quite a bit different from what was originally planned..

Stuart202 - Common Soldiers Clothing of the Civil Wars 1639-1646: Volume 1: Infantry by Stuart Peachey and Alan Turton - $14.00 Research on clothing supplied to the armies and the civilian clothing worn where clothing was not issued. Includes patterns and fabric and color details. This book has turned into THE period source for doing re-enactment quality clothing

Stuart203 - Military Encampments of the English Civil Wars by A.J. Rowland- $8.00 A brief but excellent description of the billeting of troops on the march, drawing heavily from period sources.

Stuart204 -The Soldiers Snapsack Opened: Robert Morris. Examines the probable contents of the common soldier's pockets and snapsack while on campaign. 16p - $6.00

17th Century Foot Drill: John Litchfield.
Stuart205 -Part 1: 32p plus pull out officers crib sheet. - $10.00
Stuart206 -Part 2: . 52p plus pull out officers crib sheet. - $14.00

Stuart207 -The Other Army - Camp Followers of the English Civil War - $11.00 (out of Stock)

Stuart208 - Drumming in the English Civil War: Second Edition Michael Pfiel - 24p $10.00

Stuart209 - Guns & Gunpowder 1267-1603: Jonathan Davies - 60p $12.00

Stuart210 - Gunpowder Artillary 1267-1603: Jonathan Davies - 60p $12.00

Stuart211 - Siege Machines: building and operating model medieval. Jonathan Davies - 40p $12.00

Stuart212 - Medieval Siege Weapons: brief history in the west. Jonathan Davies - 29p. $8.00

Stuart211 - The Tale of a Soldiers Coat: Hopkins. Account of the reconstruction of a Royalist Oxford army coat of 1643. 24p. $8.00


These are other titles that I have in stock that are not part of the regular line of books:

  • The Gunners Glass (Three volumes) - Period Treatise on Artillery. $56.00
  • Art of the Gunner (Two Volumes) John Smith 1643. $28.00