*Please note that due to problems with the excessive number of inquiries and orders for musket supplies from overseas addresses, I have implimented a policy effective immediately that no musket supplies shall be shipped out of the U.S.


Slow match

As per UN shipping regulations, I am unable to ship slowmatch out of the US. (Please see the intro page.) Other than match, all of the other supplies can go anywhere.


Match001 - This is the good, standard, white cotton cord, 1/4" diameter. Good for all common uses. NOTE: Due to a supplier increase we must raise the price to - $ 3.00/yard

Match002 - For those moments and historical demonstrations where only the absolutely accurate stuff will do, I offer hand wound hemp slow match. This stuff is 3/16" in diameter, and is handmade for me by a couple of authenticity crazy artillery freaks. Yes, it's expensive, but there are certainly moments when you'll be glad to have a yard or two of this in your gun box - $9.00/yard

Match002 on top, Match001 on bottom


The old style bottles are no longer available due to my original supplier disappearing. The new maker is turning out new bottles that are more correct and based on actual examples. My apologies for any confusion resulting from the change in bottles, I'm working on getting both of them in stock in sufficient quantities.

Bottle001 - New style wood powder bottles, turned from poplar, based on a design from the Tower of London Museum. This style of bottle was with the English Civil War display and is correct to that period. - $90.00/dozen (these bottles will not sold individually)

Bottle002 - New style wood powder bottles, turned from poplar, based on a design from the City of London Museum. This style of bottle was with the Elizabethan display and is correct to that period and later.-$78.00/dozen (these bottles will not be sold individually)

Flask002 - the oil bottle is back in stock.  These are wood, oval in shape and 1-1/2" in diameter.  I'm now getting them from America. - $15.00

Flask003 - wooden priming bottle, construction as per charging bottles - $25.00







 New Bottle001

 Old Bottle001 (not available) and Flask003


Bandolier - Finished bandolier includes bandolier strap, 12 strung powder bottles, and ball bag (as shown below). Your choice of priming flask is extra.

Bandolier with Bottle001 - $142.00

Bandolier with Bottle002 - $130.00


Musket Rests - I now have a new musket rest in stock. While not split from a single bar, they are still forged forks and are based on an example found in a US museum. The example below is representative and there may be slight variations based on the mood of the blacksmith. - $55.00 I have been unable to restock this item as of this time.

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