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Upcoming changes: While I'm dropping the non-Scots 18th century books from my regular inventory, I still will be able to order them (or any other Osprey title, for that matter) at the regular price in the future.

All Osprey Men at Arms are currently $14.95.

Normal Inventory:

I will continue to carry the following titles in stock at all times (the numbers before the titles are the Osprey volume numbers):

Osprey014 - English Civil War Armies by Peter Young, illustrated by Michael Roffe - The oldest Osprey still in print, by the classic author on the subject.

Osprey050 - Medieval European Armies by Terence Wise, illustrated by Gerald Embleton - A classic overview of basic Western Medieval armies, weapons and tactics, ending with the beginnings of gunpowder use.

Osprey058 -The Landsknechts by Douglas Miller, illustrated by GA Embleton - A good overview of the period 1490-1560, covering weapons, tactics, organization, clothing and battles.

Osprey094 -The Swiss at War 1300-1500 by Douglas Miller, illustrated by Gerald Embleton - Another classic work on the first standing army of medieval times, giving detailed information of the weapons and tactics of the Burgundian Wars.

Osprey097 - Marlborough's Army, 1702-11 by Michael Barthorp, illustrated by Angus McBride - A most interesting treatment of uniforms and equipment from a period that has yet to get the attention it deserves.

Osprey101 - The Conquistadores by Terence Wise, illustrations by Angus McBride- An excellent work on the Mayan, Inca and Aztec natives as well as giving good uniform and equipment details for the Spanish in the first quarter of the 16th century.

Osprey110 - The New Model Army, 1645-60 by Stuart Asquith, illustrated by Chris Warner - A very detailed treatment on the New Model, covering everything from equipment to regulations on marriage.

Osprey118 - The Jacobite Rebellions, 1689-1745 by Michael Barthorp - An excellent source regarding 17th and 18th century Scots impressions, as well as a wealth of detail regarding the British army during this usually forgotten period.

Osprey136 - Italian Medieval Armies 1300-1500 by Divid Nicolle, illustrated by Gerald Embleton - A concise look at the medieval mercenary, weapon, tactics, personalities, the beginnings of the standing state financed armies of the period, and the concepts of 'good' vs. 'bad' wars. Very well illustrated.

Osprey144 - Armies of Medieval Burgundy by Nicholas Michael, illustrated by Gerald Embleton - The companion piece to The Swiss at War, this volume is an equally good treatment of the 'other' side, touching on soldier's clothing as well as the usual weapons and tactics.

Osprey166 - German Medieval Armies 1300-1500 by Christopher Gravett, illustrated by Angus McBride - Like the other volumes covering this two hundred year period, this is a concise overview of the weapons and tactics of this area, with special emphasis on the Hussite armies and their new ways of waging war. McBride's illustrations are, as usual, excellent.

Osprey184 - The Polish Army 1573-1696 (1) by Richard Brzezinski -

Osprey191 - Henry VIII's Army by Paul Cornish, illustrated by Angus McBride - Covering roughly 1513-1544, McBride's illustrations are a wonderful source for male garb from the period.

Osprey195 - Hungary and the Fall of Eastern Europe 1000-1568 by David Nicoll, illustrated by Angus McBride - This volume is a little different from the series and covers the 14th through 16th centuries: It limits itself to one theater of war and gives a rather detailed rendition of its progress.

Osprey203 - Louis XIV's Army by Rene Chartrand, illustrated by Francis Back - An excellent treatment on a period that is usually sadly neglected. Worth the illustrations alone, for anyone attempting to do Restoration period military. Out-of-Print

Osprey210- The Venetian Empire 1200-1670 by Divid Nicolle, illustrations by Christopher Rothero - Another volume that dedicates itself to the complete history of one military scene, including documentation for a number of odd firearms such as a three-barrelled matchlock pistol.

Osprey235 - The Army of Gustavus Adolphus (1): Infantry by Richard Brzezinski, illustrated by Richard Hook -

Osprey256 - The Irish Wars 1485-1603 by Ian Heath, illustrated by David Sque - A fascinating volume on the Irish Troubles from the beginning (for the English, at least), as well as a wonderful alternate source for Tudor and Elizabethan male garb.

Osprey260 - Peter the Great's Army (1): Infantry

Osprey261 - Eighteenth Century Highlanders by Stuart Reed, illustrated by Mike Chappell - This volume covers British and non-British Highland units, and is written by a person who is considered THE authority on the Scots with a lot of Partizan Press books to his credit. The book begins with the Highland Independent Companies of the 1730's, goes through all major conflicts of the time and ends with Indian service in 1791.

Osprey262 - The Army of Gustavus Adolphus (2): Cavalry by Richard Brzezinski, illustrated by Richard Hook - Volume two in the series, the title is a bit of a misnomer, since the volume spends as much time on artillery as it does on cavalry with sections on tactics, field signs, and buffcoats & uniforms.

Osprey264 - Peter the Great's Army (2): Cavalry by Angus Konstam, illustrated by David Rickman - A unique pair of volumes, covering the period 1689-1725, it covers in detail the infantry regiments raised by Czar Peter I beginning with the Streltsi and continuing through the extremely European regiments raised during the time of the Great Northern War. The second volume covers the uniforms and insignia of Peter the Great's Army, as well as covering cavalry tactics and other related subjects.

Osprey267 - The British Army 1660-1704 by John Tincey, illustrated by David Rickman- An informative and well illustrated (including uniforms of a couple of regiments currently being done in re-enactment) description of the Restoration period English, Scot, and Irish forces.

Osprey279 - The Border Reivers by Keith Durham, illustrated by Angus McBride - An excellent volume covering the 16th and early 17th century Scottish border, clothing, weapons, and military tactics in the constant raiding and small scale wars fought at this time.

Osprey331 - Scots of the English Civil War

Osprey372 - Colonial American Troops 1610- 1774 (2) by Rene Chartrand, Illustrated by David Rickman - This is the second of three books covering units that were formed both to protect themselves from the Indians, and to right alongside British regulars in Colonial America. The Virginia Regiment, with which George Washington served, and Robert Rogers "Ranger Company" are amongst the troops covered in this volume..

Osprey376 - Italian Medieval Armies 100-1300 by David Nicolle - Despite Italy's standing as oneo f hte main centres of armour production for export, the costumes and armour of early medieval Italy reflected a fragmented military system. This book catalogues the kaleidoscope of military dress styles worn by the armies of the Italian cities, the papacy and the Norman states in the south.

Osprey383 - Colonial American Troops 1610 - 1774 (3) by Rene Chartrand, Illustrated by David Rickman - The final volume in a three book set, this book covers the militias and provincial troops raised in the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, Delaware, George, Nova Scotia, Hudson's Bay and Quebec province ot oppose both the American Indians and Britain's French and Spancish rivals.

Osprey384 - Armies of the German Peasants' War 1524-26 by Douglas Miller, Illustrated by Angus McBride - Brief and savage, the fighting remembered as the German Peasants' War saw insurgent peasants unite with townsmen, miners, disaffected knights and mercenaries in a bid to overthrow Germany's power structure. This book details the armies, tactics, costumes, weapons and events of the war.



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