Trayn'd Bandes of London Publications

TBL001 - Ye Englishe Breviat: A Concise Guide to Elizabethan and Stuart Living History by Jeffrey L. Singman - $10.00 - The first of a new series by Jeffery's new Trayn'd Bandes of London Publications, this book is a basic guide to doing Elizabethan and early Stuart living history giving the basic information needed to put together a persona and how that individual would have lived. Includes sources ranging from sutlers to film reviews.

TBL002 - The Elizabethan Trained Bands: An Introduction by Jeff Morgan and Jeffrey L. Singman - $8.00 - The second in the series: A basic introduction to the Elizabethan Trained Bands covering their organization, personnel, equipment and weaponry. Well referenced with an excellent bibliography.

TBL003 - Pious, Bibulous, and Rude: Rounds and Catches of the Elizabethan and Stuart Age by Jeffrey L Singman - $11.00 - The third in the series: This volume covers a series of rounds taken from Edward F. Rimbault's The Rounds, Catches, and Canon of England published (and sanitized for schoolroom use) in the 19th century, and all songs are returned to their original form.

TBL004 - The Tudor-Stuart Sourcebook: Materials for Living History c1585- 1645 edited by Jeffrey L. Singman - $15.00 - The fourth in the series: This book covers early modern English, making the proper clothing, household arts, and entertainments.

TBL005 - A Living History Guide to Elizabethan Southwark c1585-1605 edited by Jeffrey L. Singman - $10.00 - The fifth in the series: This book is a historical and sociological study of the area in question. Well illustrated with a number of maps.

TBL006 - The Goodfellowes Academie by Jeffrey L. Forgeng - $15.00 - This comes as a smaller book, in a period typeface, that can be carried at Living History events, and a larger sourcebook with notes. It contains a variety of songs, games, prayers, etc. Things that a typical Elizabethen might use in every day life.

TBL007 - Military Music of the Tudor and Stuart Age by Jeffrey L. Forgeng - $10.00 - A short book containing information on military music. It contains several excerpts from period sources.

TBL008 - The Fencer's, Dancer's, & Bearbaiter's Quarterly Ten Year Anniversary Edition - A compilation of Original Research Aricles from 1991-2002 edited by Cathy Snell - $13.00 - This is an anniversary edition of the newsletter. It contain our last 10 years of the Trained Bandes newsletter, bound and organized into categories.

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