Books on 16/17th Cent. English Weaponry


Stuart601 - Reenactors Guide To Archery 1066 to 1595 Jonathan Davies 60p $16.00

Stuart602 - Devils Engine. Crossbows 1066 - 1400 Gary Ball - Very basic, good book for beginners. 36p $10.00

Stuart603 - The Medieval European Sword Adrian Waite 20p $7.00

Stuart604 - Medieval Polearms Adrian Waite $7.00

Stuart605 - Tudor Swords and Swordsmanship Jonathan Davies 36p - Basic fencing manual. $10.00

Stuart606 - War in the North. The Wars of the Roses in the N.E. England 1461-1464 John Sadler 48p $12.00

Stuart607 - Armies and Warfare of the Wars of the Roses: John Sadler 20p $6.00

Stuart608 - Tudor Art of War 1485-1603 Jonathan Davies 60p $12.00

Stuart609 - Guns and Gunpowder 1267-1603. Jonathan Davies 60p. $16.00

Stuart610 - Gunpowder Artillery 1267-1603. Jonathan Davies. 60p. $16.00

Stuart611 - Siege Machines. Building, and operating model medieval. Jonathan Davies. 40p. $12.00

Stuart612 - Medieval Siege Weapons. Brief History in the west. Jonathan Davies. 29p. $8.00


These are other titles that I have in stock that are not part of the regular line of books:

Medieval and Renaisances Knife Fighting 1400-1600. Mike Ray 44p. $12.00

 Art of the Gunner. 1643. (Two Volumes) Facsimile manual. John Smith. $28.00

The Gunners Glass. (Three Volumes). A period treatise on Artillery. $56.00